Application maps for site-specific management

Seed rate maps

adapted to field soil zones

Fertiliser maps

for cost effective, sustainable and efficient application

Crop protection maps

for growth regulators and fungicides

Your advantages

  • Independence

    Use all resources independent of manufacturer

  • Compatibility

    with all machines and field indexes

  • Data protection

    Data ownership remains with the customer

  • Cost reduction

    up to 15%

  • Support

    For technology and map production

  • Usable worldwide

    No matter what climate zone - you are in control

  • Easy to use

    Intuitive user experience

  • Yield increase

    up to 7%

What our customers say:

“Never again without! The application maps are quick and easy to create. This is how I secure my qualities.”

Hans von Schaaffhausen


“The up-to-date biomass maps allow me to follow the development of my crops from my desk.”

Walter Dieck


“MyDataPlant is very easy to use. Clear, smart, cost-effective and highly recommended!”

Johannes Paas


“Seed maps allowed us to compensate for poor field emergence in clayey areas, resulting in more homogeneous stands.”

Burkhard Voss


“MyDataPlant is a great tool. You turn the small screws and achieve a big effect.”

Renke Dählmann


FIELD variable faster cheaper

Save costs and increase your yields – with MyDataPlant.

Is farming your passion? Do you feel at home in the field? MyDataPlant gives you insights to aid decision making. Our software is available to you throughout the season to optimise your farming with our application maps for sowing, fertilising and crop protection. Our technology processes satellite data to enable more precise management of your inputs – tailored exactly to your fields. Save time and money and optimise your crop production.
Simple and straightforward.
Compatible with all machines.

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