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Soil sampling maps for site-specific determination of growing conditions

With the help of the MyDataPlant soil sampling maps, you can create specific soil zones according to their individual needs and thus significantly increase the nutrient efficiency of the fertilisers used. Likewise, the seeding rate can be adapted to heterogeneous growth potentials in advance. 

MyDataPlant creates a precise zone map with orientation lines and sampling points, which can be driven and sampled with the help of MyDataPlant app or external GPS technology. The results of the georeferenced soil samples can be used again in the online portal as a base for other application maps. This gives you a visualisation of the individual zones, where you can immediately see anomalies within the area and you can create your own field history with laboratory results

Advantages of soil sampling maps

  • Automatic Zoning

    based on real growth conditions

  • Planning of the

    orientation lines

  • Smart Transmission

    of soil sampling orders

  • Use of the Results

    in application maps (with further processing in subsequent measures)

  • Mobile App

    for efficient navigation during sampling

  • Easy Export

    via email

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