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What is My Data Plant?

My Data Plant is a Precision Farming tool that supports you in managing your fields based on current and historical satellite data. You can register via our My Data Plant portal, draw in or upload your fields to create individual biomass, seed and fertiliser application maps with just a few clicks. When creating the maps, your knowledge of your own areas can be combined with the satellite data through our easy edit functions, meaning you get application maps that are perfectly tailored to your fields and needs. Application maps can be easily transferred to a terminal via a USB stick or direct link if your software suports it. 

With the biomass maps, you can also monitor your crops easily from home, meaning you know what’s going on before you or your agronomist even crop walks it.

There are currently two Sentinel 2 satellites of the ESA (European Space Agency) in space, Sentinel 2A and Sentinel 2B, which take multispectral images of the Earth. Each satellite analyses every point on Earth once every ten days. As a result, every five days a new recording of the field appears.


The advantages of My Data Plant:

  • You can use My Data Plant regardless of the size of the farm, the ability of tractor terminals or the technical equipment you have.

  • My Data Plant is an independent solution from the Kleffmann Digital RS GmbH with no strings attached, we are not trying to sell fertiliser or sprays to you.

  • Our customer service provided by phone or personal visits, consists of experienced agriculturalists and makes sure that the application maps work on your farm.



My Data Plant supports you throughout the year:

from sowing to harvesting with the
in seed management with the
in fertiliser management with the
in crop protection with the



Combination of machine and satellite data