Chemstar and Kleffmann Digital RS combine forces - Cooperating for technology driven, sustainable agrigulture in Slovakia

Chemstar and Kleffmann Digital RS agree on close cooperation. The aim is to support farmers in technology-driven sustainable agriculture. For this purpose, Chemstar will make the My Data Plant technology exclusively available to the market in Slovakia


Input and Agrisolutions Provider join forces to leverage cost efficent and sustainable farming in Slovakia


Making optimum use of agrnomical potentials and saving resources is the shared ambition that brought together Chemstar and Kleffmann Digitial RS. Chemstar, one of Slovakia‘s leading retailer for crop inputs and Kleffmann Digital RS, German settled company specialised on the development and implementation of data- and evidence-driven agrisolutions join forces to support Slovakian farmers with latest innovations in agricultural production. By combining satellite-based variable rate application technology with a field proven crop system approach that profits from access to the best inputs available Chemstar will be able to support farmers to improve efficiency and sutstainability at every level of crop production. Chemstar therefore will distribute Kleffmann’s smart farming technology My Data Plant ( exclusively in Slovakia and combine this with deep agrnomical epxertise comprising all aspects of cultivation from seeding over fertilisation to crop protection.

My Data Plant – independent and field proven smart farming solution

My Data Plant is a precision farming solution providing farmers with detailed insights on crop development and variable rate applications by a frictionless fusion of satellite data with artificial intelligence. The intuitive tool allows farmers with a few clicks of the mouse to access field level biomass monitoring, from which variable rate seed, fertilizer and crop protection prescription maps can be created. Images are updated on a weekly basis, keeping farmers in close touch with their growing crop. Precision maps allow farmer’s input investments to be targeted to where they will provide the best return. My Data Plant is a field proven and independent decision support system to assist farmers with sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship.

About Chemstar

Chemstar is a rapidly growing agro-business company delivering seeds and pesticides from top foreign companies to agricultural firms. Since its establishment the company has gradually developed the simple business relationships into complex business-technical services offered to its partners. The major business strategy is to provide to partners modern crop systems and to increase the quality of the delivered services and price availability of the offered products.

About Kleffmann Digital RS GmbH

Kleffmann Digital RS offers satellite-based services and products tailored to the practical needs of farmers, agricultural industries and affiliated business clients. Among these services are the well-established and market proven solutions, My Data Plant and CropRadar. The business unit Remote Sensing Services exists since 2015 as part of Kleffmann Group and due to its innovative power and good prospects, a separate entity was formed in 2019 as a spin off. Agronomists, remote sensing specialists, data scientists, geoscientists, and physicists work closely together to translate complex data into easy-to-use and application-oriented agricultural solutions. Due to the global reach the team brings in members from different nationalities, providing the company with a rich spectrum of intercultural competences. My Data Plant provides its precision farming service in 14 different languages and is used by farmers in more than 70 countries all around the world.

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