My Data Plant will be presented at the UK Cereals Event

Kleffmann Group has developed a new innovative precision farming software tool: “My Data Plant”.

“My Data Plant” enables the farmer to regularly monitor fields with the help of Sentinel satellite data which is used to create field by field biomass maps. These maps provide the grower with a visual reference of differentiated growth within the field. The maps along with other indices form the basis of variable fertiliser rate strategies which can be easily created by the farmer using his chosen fertiliser and average rates. Additionally, the farmer is able to create his own variable rate sowing maps within the online portal: “My Data Plant”. This initiative enables the grower to be in control of localised monitoring of his crops to optimise crop-based inputs.

The Kleffmann Group guarantees full data privacy protection as they are bound by data protection regulations for their core business. A client of “My Data Plant” will receive an optimised product paired with the highest levels of data security.

“My Data Plant” is an intuitive system which can be used independent of fertiliser manufacturer or seed breeder and is compatible with most common tractor or ISOBUS-terminals. That said, if any questions should arise, the “My Data Plant” Service Team will be available by telephone as well as personally with free on-site service. to support the use of the product.

 “Cereals is the leading technical event for the arable industry.” With over 300 exhibitors it is unique in the UK. Cereals Event will take place at Chrishall Grange Duxford, Cambridgeshire, from 13th to 14th June 2018.

Kleffmann Group will focus on their new business unit “My Data Plant” at Cereals Event. At the exhibition, there will be different terminals on which “My Data Plant” will be demonstrated. Interested farmers can also view their fields at the “My Data Plant” Online portal. The fertiliser tool and sowing maps will be presented at the Kleffmann Group information desk.

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