My Data Plant offers precision even with less modern machinery

Digitalisation in agriculture is advancing with great strides. For many farmers, however, smart farming implies changes to more uptodate machinery with consequent high acquisition costs. Especially the upgrade of existing machinery, e.g. with ISOBUS-compatible terminals, means investment for farmers. My Data Plant from the Kleffmann Group has developed an alternative approach which can be used without significant investment.

A practical solution for every farmer

With My Data Plant, Kleffmann Group offers a practical solution for the farmer. The tool enables the farmer to measure field sizes and apply fertilizer to fields precisely within an accuracy of 5m x 5m on the basis of actual Sentinel sat­ellite data. It can also monitor the biomass of cultivated crops which helps to gauge the health and/or potential of the crop across the field throughout the season. Producing biomass maps allows more efficient agronomy. The innovation does not require a specific farm size nor machinery, because with the help of the web portal, fertilizing strategy and application maps can be tailored to the requirements of an individual field. The minimum requirement for the use of My Data Plant is therefore only a GPS-capable tablet (so far Android/ Apple 04/2018).

If you don’t have an ISOBUS-compatible terminal?

– To use My Data Plant a normal tablet can be used.

With the help of our App „Crop Navigator“ the generated biomass and fertilization maps can be displayed and used on a tablet. You just take the tablet into the tractor cab and with the aid of GPS your current position is located. If you combine the fertilization maps with the tablet-app, the tablet displays in which fertilization zone your tractor is currently positioned and at which speed you should drive through the next zone to fertilize more precisely. The different zones provide information on the amount of fertilizer which is spread and which speed should be driven to regulate the fertilizer to the particular zone.


The ability to fertilize on a demand basis, with the help of a tablet, opens up the use of digitalisation tools to those who don’t (yet) have the most modern machinery. Satellite technology can be used for fertilization even with the oldest machinery in a way each squaremeter of the ground requires it. The tablet version of My Data Plant makes it possible.

Free download of the Crop Navigator-App is possible in the Google Playstore.