My Data Plant has a new, additional service. Farmers can now vary the amount of seed precisely to their soil using the new seedmaps option

The new service as part of “My Data Plant” by Kleffmann Group enables precision sowing. Following on from the ability to monitor fields with the aid of actual sentinel satellite data and then to apply fertilizer as required, farmers can now drill seed more precisely. The seedmaps can be accessed through a few clicks in the My Data Plant Online portal. The small scale afforded by seedmaps and the possibilities of adapting seed rates to local soil and field conditions brings enormous benefits. Commercial seed stocks can be better utilised because of variable amount of seed required. This precision means returns will increase. In addition, homogenous stock increases the quality of harvest.

The seedmaps of “My Data Plant” base are created by an exclusive multispectral satellite data of the sentinel II of the European Space Agency (ESA). The information gathered from the satellite means farmers are able to farm with more precision. The user of the portal can choose between three or five zones of differentiation within the field, whereupon the system creates a map of the area with these zones displayed. The user is able to make manual adaptions if required. Based on their own knowledge of the field.

After establishing the complete seedmaps in the “My Data Plant”-Portal, it can be transferred to all common current terminals of tractors for the implementation. The information is transmitted either by wireless or by flash drive. The constructed maps inform the drill as to what rate is applicable at any particular reference point. The basic requirement is a drill which can regulate the amount of seed to be planted. A fully automatic implementation will need a terminal, which has the function for the implementation of applications cards. Also needed is an ISOBUS-interface for the communication with the terminal/drill. If the technical requirements for an automatic implementation are not available, a commercial tablet can also be used. The seeding maps can serve as guide for the manual regulation of the drill as the tractor is driven.

Florian Bethge, product manager of “My Data Plant”, is looking forward to the seedmap extension of “My Data Plant”-Portal: “Satellite data makes a contribution to digitalization in the agriculture and offers new potential for improvement in crop production. As an independent organisation, The Kleffmann Group enables the farmers to generate a use for the practical implementation of such data. The My Data Plant tool works with most commercially available drills, allowing every farmer to have the possibility, to adapt the seed rates to the local soil type.”