My Data Plant: Extended scope of services

My Data Plant Version 3.0 with new features like crop protection management

Lüdinghausen, 14th November 2019

My Data Plant is now able to provide all relevant cultivation steps over the crop vegetation season. The biomass and application maps for seeding and fertilization will be completed by crop protection management. This function allows the sub-area specific application of plant growth regulators and fungicides according to demand, thus saving resources in the process.

The new application maps for crop protection management offer several benefits: the optimized use of plant growth regulators, for example, ensures more homogeneous crops. This is achieved through higher application rates for high-growth crops, which reduce the risk of lodging, and lower application rates in weaker zones, thereby avoiding yield losses. The resulting crop harmonization leads to an increase in yield and improved harvesting.

In case of fungicides, the focus is on savings effects. A more efficient use of fungicides reduces the application rate, while maintaining the same level of efficiency. The costs of the use of fungicides can thus be significantly reduced.

Combined biomass: Due to the additional use of radar data, up-to-date information on the status quo development is now available even in situations of cloud cover. These are currently presented in the curve diagram for biomass development; further analysis options will be added in the future.

Map resolution: When adding additional functions, the biomass maps have also been updated as the basis for the application maps and now have an even better resolution. All innovations are implemented in the new version (3.0) of the online portal.

Usability: The user guidance has been improved and various functional improvements have been implemented. For example, the possibility of grouping fields has been added. This function allows to divide the fields into self-defined groups. Fields can be grouped by crops, locations, etc. In the further process, these fields can be selected much more easily and quickly in order to continue working with them and, for example, to create application maps.

New portal: All improvements are in the new version (3.0) of the online portal. In the course of the update, the website was also renewed, whose appealing and modern design offers a much more pleasant user experience.

The application maps can be tried out at AGRITECHNICA using own fields. Visit us at the "agri-router" in hall 15, booth G38.