Kleffmann Group and Kverneland Group Announce Strategic Partnership

Karl Engelbrecht, Florian Bethge, Sanne De Voogd, Burkhard Kleffmann
Karl Engelbrecht, Florian Bethge, Sanne De Voogd, Burkhard Kleffmann

Integrated digital farming solutions

Hannover, 11th November 2019

Kleffmann Group, the leading provider of agricultural market research services and systems, and Kverneland Group, a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery have agreed on a strategic cooperation. The partnership will enable farmers to monitor fields with the help of satellite data and to cultivate them according to sub-areas. These maps provide the grower with a visual reference of differentiated growth within the field.

Combination of systems to boost their potential

“This agreement confirms our vision to offer farmers a complete package of digital agronomic solutions related to the implement. The creation of tasks with My Data Plant is complemented by the ease of sending these tasks to implements via IsoMatch FarmCentre.” says Sanne de Voogd, Managing Director of Kverneland Group Mechatronics.

Burkhard Kleffmann, CEO of Kleffmann Group: “The combination of smart machines and smart software takes agriculture to a new level of driving efficiency and sustainability. The combination of our combined know-how and technologies will be of great benefit for our joint customers, who will be enabled to optimize all steps of their farming production cycle.”

Two systems that fit together perfectly

Through My Data Plant, farmers can create individual biomass, sowing and fertiliser application maps, and these tasks generated can be sent from IsoMatch FarmCentre to the terminal in the field. This will be seamlessly done through a secure cloud connection, which is more user friendly & efficient than the use of a USB stick.

Through the IsoMatch Tellus PRO, a gateway is created to connect the machines to the cloud, send and receive tasks from the implements, receive alerts and analyse the collected data. All these features are included in an easy to use web application that works with any device and which is included on the My Kverneland and My Vicon platforms.


The integration of My Data Plant in IsoMatch FarmCentre will be shown at Agritechnica 2019 and it will be available from early 2020 onwards. It is one of the multiple features included in the software release 1.06 for IsoMatch Tellus PRO terminals.