MyDataPlant at the AGRO SHOW in Poland

Last week we participated in the largest open-air agricultural exhibition in Europe: The AGRO SHOW in Bednary in Poland. Since 1999 the fair is organised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Agricultural Machines and Facilities. It was already the 22nd edition of this fair. The fair is organized on the former military airfield where agricultural machines are exhibited on both sides of the runway.  Our local partner presented all the innovations around our #precisionfarming solution MyDataPlant. Around 125,000 visitors and 540 exhibitors attended the field exhibition.  

MyDataPlant as a partner at CaspianAgro in Azerbaijan

Together with our partner company ICODS Hilmer GmbH we were present at the agricultural fair CaspianAgro in Azerbaijan from 10 to 12 June 2021. The trade fair brings together the main players in the agricultural industry, local and foreign experts, as well as thousands of trade visitors and farmers. Dr Wolfgang Manig, German Ambassador to Azerbaijan, and Tobias Baumann, Managing Director of the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Industry and Commerce, visited our representatives on site at our stand. They emphasised their support for German companies in order to further promote digitalisation in agriculture throughout Azerbaijan.  The company ICODS Hilmer GmbH has been working on the topic of innovative technologies in agriculture in Azerbaijan for more than 10 years. "We are always very satisfied with the organisation of the fair. The feedback was consistently positive and many follow-up appointments were made," says Elena Hilmer, Managing Director of ICODS Hilmer GmbH.

100 tons of nitrogen saved using My Data Plant: A split farm trial by father & son in the Precise Magazine (UK)

Split farm trial: Father couldn’t believe it. Son nearly saved 100 tones of nitrogen using My Data Plant. Henry Evans from Grange farm (UK) is not only happy about the savings of input and money but also enthusiastic about the simplicity of utilisation: “Easy of use and time saved thanks to simplified uploading to machines helping save considerable time each day.” The article first appeared in the Spring 2020 edition of Precise magazine - one of UK’s leading magazines for precision farming. Reproduced by kind permission of FarmSmart Publishing Limited.

The Profi reports about My Data Plant

The current Profi did the practical test and compared three suppliers of application maps, including My Data Plant. The result: "Crop Navigator from My Data Plant provides the best maps and has a great screen." Read for yourself and make your own experiences: Test My Data Plant for two weeks free of charge:

My Data Plant: Extended scope of services

My Data Plant Version 3.0 with new features like crop protection management Lüdinghausen, 14th November 2019 My Data Plant is now able to provide all relevant cultivation steps over the crop vegetation season. The biomass and application maps for seeding and fertilization will be completed by crop protection management. This function allows the sub-area specific application of plant growth regulators and fungicides according to demand, thus saving resources in the process. The new application maps for crop protection management offer several benefits: the optimized use of plant growth regulators, for example, ensures more homogeneous crops. This is achieved through higher application rates for high-growth crops, which reduce the risk of lodging, and lower application rates in weaker zones, thereby avoiding yield losses. The resulting crop harmonization leads to an increase in yield and improved harvesting. In case of fungicides, the focus is on savings effects. A more efficient use of fungicides reduces the application rate, while maintaining the same level of efficiency. The costs of the use of fungicides can thus be significantly reduced. Combined biomass: Due to the additional use of radar data, up-to-date information on the status quo development is now available even in situations of cloud cover. These are currently presented in the curve diagram for biomass development; further analysis options will be added in the future. Map resolution: When adding additional functions, the biomass maps have also been updated as the basis for the application maps and now have an even better resolution. All innovations are implemented in the new version (3.0) of the online portal. Usability: The user guidance has been improved and various functional improvements have been implemented. For example, the possibility of grouping fields has been added. This function allows to divide the fields into self-defined groups. Fields can be grouped by crops, locations, etc. In the further process, these fields can be selected much more easily and quickly in order to continue working with them and, for example, to create application maps. New portal: All improvements are in the new version (3.0) of the online portal. In the course of the update, the website was also renewed, whose appealing and modern design offers a much more pleasant user experience. The application maps can be tried out at AGRITECHNICA using own fields. Visit us at the "agri-router" in hall 15, booth G38.
Karl Engelbrecht, Florian Bethge, Sanne De Voogd, Burkhard Kleffmann

Kleffmann Group and Kverneland Group Announce Strategic Partnership

Integrated digital farming solutions Hannover, 11th November 2019 Kleffmann Group, the leading provider of agricultural market research services and systems, and Kverneland Group, a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery have agreed on a strategic cooperation. The partnership will enable farmers to monitor fields with the help of satellite data and to cultivate them according to sub-areas. These maps provide the grower with a visual reference of differentiated growth within the field. Combination of systems to boost their potential “This agreement confirms our vision to offer farmers a complete package of digital agronomic solutions related to the implement. The creation of tasks with My Data Plant is complemented by the ease of sending these tasks to implements via IsoMatch FarmCentre.” says Sanne de Voogd, Managing Director of Kverneland Group Mechatronics. Burkhard Kleffmann, CEO of Kleffmann Group: “The combination of smart machines and smart software takes agriculture to a new level of driving efficiency and sustainability. The combination of our combined know-how and technologies will be of great benefit for our joint customers, who will be enabled to optimize all steps of their farming production cycle.” Two systems that fit together perfectly Through My Data Plant, farmers can create individual biomass, sowing and fertiliser application maps, and these tasks generated can be sent from IsoMatch FarmCentre to the terminal in the field. This will be seamlessly done through a secure cloud connection, which is more user friendly & efficient than the use of a USB stick. Through the IsoMatch Tellus PRO, a gateway is created to connect the machines to the cloud, send and receive tasks from the implements, receive alerts and analyse the collected data. All these features are included in an easy to use web application that works with any device and which is included on the My Kverneland and My Vicon platforms. Availability The integration of My Data Plant in IsoMatch FarmCentre will be shown at Agritechnica 2019 and it will be available from early 2020 onwards. It is one of the multiple features included in the software release 1.06 for IsoMatch Tellus PRO terminals.

New Precision Farming Executive in the UK

IBR-Ltd the partner of Kleffmann Group in the UK has a new team member. Ben Cooper, a graduate from Reading University, joins the team at IBR-Ltd in a newly created position of Precision Farming Executive to support the widening interest of the new satellite data service “My Data Plant” from the Kleffmann Group.  Ben comments “The opportunity to work along side fellow farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural community with this new and exciting techology is brilliant. Technology and innovation is an ever growing part of agriculture, and My Data Plant is an exciting vehicle for it.” Director Roger Pratchett comments that Ben comes from a farming background, his family have farmed in Wiltshire since 1810, with a mixed beef and arable enterprise along with contract farming activities. “Ben also works part-time as a Teaching Fellow in Agricultural Business Management, at Reading University, which maintains and enriches his academic insights. We are delighted that he is joining the team.”

German television shows how farmers used My Data Plant in the "Drought Summer 2018 ".

"Ernte extrem" (en: Harvest extreme) - this is the title of the TV show "Quarks", which was broadcasted on German television yesterday. The television team accompanied farmer Johannes Paas who shows how he used MyDataPlant in the " Drought Summer 2018 ". It starts at minute 34:20! You can watch it here (sorry only in German language):

Biomass development of a maize field

Here you can see how the maize has developed since the sowing in May until the harvest in mid-August (due to the drought) on one field in Germany. Would you also like to check your fields? Test now for free:

Drought stress - Emergency harvesting or hope for further yield

Drought conditions have been prevailing in Central Europe for several months, with no end in sight. The persistent heat and the lack of rain are reflected more and more clearly in the rolled and dried leaves of maize, beets are also wilted. Farmers are already talking about the worst harvest in the last 20 years. The persistent drought stress is particularly evident in maize crops. On the headlands of many fields, you can see untypically short, partly unfertilized maize plants. This results in low-piston populations and extreme yield losses. The first maize crops have already been hwarvested in the last few days with regard to the dry matter content in order to ensure sufficient compactibility of the harvested crop. According to the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony, "it is important not to rush to harvesting. It is possible that this will cause the greatest damage, as the maize can still produce a yield, depending on further weather conditions."1 With the regularly updated biomass maps from My Data Plant, the farmer can monitor his crops. From the beginning of vegetation, he is able to look at problem areas and observes how drought stress develops in his fields. With the biomass maps of My Data Plant, the farmers has additional information to base his decision on when to begin harvesting. The images show him whether the vitality of the field is so low and should be harvested or whether the whole field is so good that it can still be left standing so that it can respond to any rain and optimise yield.   1 

Innovation at the heart of “My Data Plant” from Kleffmann Group.

Well over 200 visitors from many diverse areas of agriculture engaged with Kleffmann colleagues at Cereals 2018 show to run through the online software platform “My Data Plant” which enables farmers and agronomists to visualise their own fields from imagery processed with the most up to date satellite data. Visitors from around the world showed interest in this innovation, including agronomist groups from New Zealand, researchers from South America, German and French farmers as well as a wealth of UK businesses: contractors, technologists, farmers, machinery manufacturers.  “My Data Plant” enables the farmer to monitor fields regularly with the help sentinel satellite data which is used to create field by field biomass maps. These maps provide the grower with a visual reference of differentiated growth within the field. The maps along with other indices form the basis of variable fertiliser rate strategies which can be easily created by using the farmer’s chosen fertiliser and average dose rates. Additionally, he or she is able to create their own variable rate sowing maps within the online portal: “My Data Plant”. This initiative enables the grower to be in control of localised monitoring of their crops to optimise crop-based inputs. On the second day of the Cereals show, Kleffmann CEO Burkhard Kleffmann attended the show and commented “We are happy to be showcasing our innovative system to a wide range of businesses across many sectors of the industry. In particular, I am delighted with the interest shown in our new service and encouraged by the comments made to me about the intuitive nature of the software tool. It is also clear that guests value an independent reference in the market. Our Alliance Partner in the UK, Roger Pratchett of Independent Business Resource Ltd (IBR-Ltd), will be following-up with interested parties, to build on the momentum the event has created for us”. The New Innovation Insight area at the Cereals entrances to the event used larger graphics, posters and a video to signpost visitors to innovative products and services which included “My Data Plant”. Kleffmann believe this was an additional factor in raising awareness of their presence and driving visitors to their stand. This year’s Cereals event delivered by bringing an diverse group of interested parties to the “My Data Plant” stand, to hear the benefits of an independent source of processed satellite data, delivering biomass, variable seed and fertiliser rate mapping. Another opportunity to see My Data Plant service will be presented at Croptec in 28-29 November 2018 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough where Kleffmann will be demonstrating the latest releases of the online software tool.

My Data Plant convinces Czech farmers at the field days in Schabschitz and Pardubice

The Czech subsidiary of Kleffmann Group took part in the MendelAgro field days on 14th June in Schabschitz, where they successfully presented their new My Data Plant product. My Data Plant is a satellite-based service that enables farmers to view the vitality of their crops from any location. This data can be used for sustainable and demand-oriented sowing and fertilisation. The field days in Mendelu were attended by more than 600 people. The main aim of the fair was to draw farmers' attention to new practices and knowledge that promote sustainability. The Czech subsidiary also took part in the 18th Naše pole field days in Pardubice from 19 to 20 June, which attracted around 4,000 visitors. The focus was on adopting best practice using the latest scientific developments and technologies. Due to the decline in the number of farmers in the Czech Republic, according to Naše pole, it is important to utilise more efficient and advanced management methods. This is where My Data Plant comes into its own, as the service can save up to 15% on fertiliser use and generate 5% more yield. 

My Data Plant will be presented at the UK Cereals Event

Kleffmann Group has developed a new innovative precision farming software tool: “My Data Plant”. “My Data Plant” enables the farmer to regularly monitor fields with the help of Sentinel satellite data which is used to create field by field biomass maps. These maps provide the grower with a visual reference of differentiated growth within the field. The maps along with other indices form the basis of variable fertiliser rate strategies which can be easily created by the farmer using his chosen fertiliser and average rates. Additionally, the farmer is able to create his own variable rate sowing maps within the online portal: “My Data Plant”. This initiative enables the grower to be in control of localised monitoring of his crops to optimise crop-based inputs. The Kleffmann Group guarantees full data privacy protection as they are bound by data protection regulations for their core business. A client of “My Data Plant” will receive an optimised product paired with the highest levels of data security. “My Data Plant” is an intuitive system which can be used independent of fertiliser manufacturer or seed breeder and is compatible with most common tractor or ISOBUS-terminals. That said, if any questions should arise, the “My Data Plant” Service Team will be available by telephone as well as personally with free on-site service. to support the use of the product.  “Cereals is the leading technical event for the arable industry.” With over 300 exhibitors it is unique in the UK. Cereals Event will take place at Chrishall Grange Duxford, Cambridgeshire, from 13th to 14th June 2018. Kleffmann Group will focus on their new business unit “My Data Plant” at Cereals Event. At the exhibition, there will be different terminals on which “My Data Plant” will be demonstrated. Interested farmers can also view their fields at the “My Data Plant” Online portal. The fertiliser tool and sowing maps will be presented at the Kleffmann Group information desk. Kleffmann Group is a leading global provider of agricultural market research services. They provide clients with key information on multiple agricultural sectors, including crop protection, digital farming, seed, animal health or agricultural machinery. For further information please visit:, or

My Data Plant has a new, additional service. Farmers can now vary the amount of seed precisely to their soil using the new seedmaps option

The new service as part of “My Data Plant” by Kleffmann Group enables precision sowing. Following on from the ability to monitor fields with the aid of actual sentinel satellite data and then to apply fertilizer as required, farmers can now drill seed more precisely. The seedmaps can be accessed through a few clicks in the My Data Plant Online portal. The small scale afforded by seedmaps and the possibilities of adapting seed rates to local soil and field conditions brings enormous benefits. Commercial seed stocks can be better utilised because of variable amount of seed required. This precision means returns will increase. In addition, homogenous stock increases the quality of harvest. The seedmaps of “My Data Plant” base are created by an exclusive multispectral satellite data of the sentinel II of the European Space Agency (ESA). The information gathered from the satellite means farmers are able to farm with more precision. The user of the portal can choose between three or five zones of differentiation within the field, whereupon the system creates a map of the area with these zones displayed. The user is able to make manual adaptions if required. Based on their own knowledge of the field. After establishing the complete seedmaps in the “My Data Plant”-Portal, it can be transferred to all common current terminals of tractors for the implementation. The information is transmitted either by wireless or by flash drive. The constructed maps inform the drill as to what rate is applicable at any particular reference point. The basic requirement is a drill which can regulate the amount of seed to be planted. A fully automatic implementation will need a terminal, which has the function for the implementation of applications cards. Also needed is an ISOBUS-interface for the communication with the terminal/drill. If the technical requirements for an automatic implementation are not available, a commercial tablet can also be used. The seeding maps can serve as guide for the manual regulation of the drill as the tractor is driven. Florian Bethge, product manager of “My Data Plant”, is looking forward to the seedmap extension of “My Data Plant”-Portal: “Satellite data makes a contribution to digitalization in the agriculture and offers new potential for improvement in crop production. As an independent organisation, The Kleffmann Group enables the farmers to generate a use for the practical implementation of such data. The My Data Plant tool works with most commercially available drills, allowing every farmer to have the possibility, to adapt the seed rates to the local soil type.”

My Data Plant offers precision even with less modern machinery

Digitalisation in agriculture is advancing with great strides. For many farmers, however, smart farming implies changes to more uptodate machinery with consequent high acquisition costs. Especially the upgrade of existing machinery, e.g. with ISOBUS-compatible terminals, means investment for farmers. My Data Plant from the Kleffmann Group has developed an alternative approach which can be used without significant investment. A practical solution for every farmer With My Data Plant, Kleffmann Group offers a practical solution for the farmer. The tool enables the farmer to measure field sizes and apply fertilizer to fields precisely within an accuracy of 5m x 5m on the basis of actual Sentinel sat­ellite data. It can also monitor the biomass of cultivated crops which helps to gauge the health and/or potential of the crop across the field throughout the season. Producing biomass maps allows more efficient agronomy. The innovation does not require a specific farm size nor machinery, because with the help of the web portal, fertilizing strategy and application maps can be tailored to the requirements of an individual field. The minimum requirement for the use of My Data Plant is therefore only a GPS-capable tablet (so far Android/ Apple 04/2018). If you don’t have an ISOBUS-compatible terminal? – To use My Data Plant a normal tablet can be used. With the help of our App „Crop Navigator“ the generated biomass and fertilization maps can be displayed and used on a tablet. You just take the tablet into the tractor cab and with the aid of GPS your current position is located. If you combine the fertilization maps with the tablet-app, the tablet displays in which fertilization zone your tractor is currently positioned and at which speed you should drive through the next zone to fertilize more precisely. The different zones provide information on the amount of fertilizer which is spread and which speed should be driven to regulate the fertilizer to the particular zone.   The ability to fertilize on a demand basis, with the help of a tablet, opens up the use of digitalisation tools to those who don’t (yet) have the most modern machinery. Satellite technology can be used for fertilization even with the oldest machinery in a way each squaremeter of the ground requires it. The tablet version of My Data Plant makes it possible. Free download of the Crop Navigator-App is possible in the Google Playstore.

My Data Plant in Serbia

Currently our Serbian team is at the “NS seme”, an agricultural event for agronomists and farmers. The event which is organized by the NS Institute takes place in the Hotel “Palisad” on the mountain Zlatibor in Serbia. Around 700 people from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina will visit the 52th edition of the event which will last until the 27th of February. We are looking forward to the feedback from our colleagues. As you can see, right now they are being supported by traditional Serbian music directly in front of their booth. Best regards and све најбоље! Learn more about the fair: www.nsseme.

Product launch of My Data Plant

Lüdinghausen, December 2017, Kleffmann Group. After a long, intensive period of development, Kleffmann Group has successfully introduced an independent decision support field mapping tool, “My Data Plant” at Agritechnica in Hannover from 12-18 November 2017. A practical solution for the farmer With My Data Plant, Kleffmann Group offers a practical solution for the farmer. The tool enables the farmer to measure field sizes and apply fertilizer to fields precisely within an accuracy of 5m x 5m on the basis of actual Sentinel sat¬ellite data. It can also monitor the biomass of cultivated crops which helps to gauge the health and/or potential of the crop across the field throughout the season. Producing biomass maps allows more efficient agronomy. The innovation does not require a specific farm size nor machinery because with the help of the web portal, fertilizing strategy and application maps can be tailored to the fields individual needs. A new business unit The market research company identifies the practical solution for the farmer as a significant development towards an integrative and digitalized communication with farmers. Stephan Poppe, Head of Innovations & Development, Kleffmann Group, states: “For our research panels, precise information of agricultural area is needed. The available data in many countries is often incomplete or offers only limited information about cultivated area. This satellite technology provides the possibility to close this gap and supports a complete and precise generation of data. It also supports farmers move to precision farming. The fertilization map information can be downloaded onto a PC, tablet or smartphone or onto an USB stick which is compatible with most precision software on the tractor. Global availability After having successfully introduced My Data Plant in Europe, the product will also be launched in the international market. “I am very happy about the positive feedback which we received during the Agritechnica fair! Numerous farmers registered for the tool there – many from Germany and Europe, but also from Indonesia, India and Brazil. Such innovative solutions give us the chance to get closer to both clients and partners,” says Burkhard Kleffmann, CEO, Kleffmann Group.

Launch of the My Data Plant Webportal

From 12th to 18th November, the world’s largest agricultural trade fair will provide information about the newest agricultural machines, services and possibilities emerging as a result of digitalization. We are looking forward to the launch of the My Data Plant-Web portal at the fair. All farmers are invited to pay us a visit and get a test account set up to take the new services for a spin on their own fields.