Combination of machine and satellite data




A Powerful Partnership

Linking satellite data with machine performance and movement data, represents a further milestone in efficient optimal working practices and brings greater transparency to the utilisation of machines on farm. To achieve this goal, MyDataPlant and exatrek have joined forces in a long-term partnership.

exatrek is a company specialising in the provision of a software platform to permit the integration of machine data, producing field-specific documentation, vehicle tracking and task data. The software is independent of machine manufacturer and therefore works across different machines to create a virtual network management tool. With the help of the universally applicable ISOBUS telemetry module T2 and Bluetooth beacons for the identification of implements or drivers, work processes are recorded automatically, documented securely and analysed. In this way, previously unused data is used to provide greater transparency of work processes and increase task efficiency in the business.


MyDataPlant and exatrek - the complete solution for precision farming 

Kleffmann Digital’s MyDataPlant tool for precision farming makes an ideal partner for exatrek’s machine management software, the powerful combination of the two systems, permits the target and actual values to be compared and documented for later data analysis. As field tasks are completed from the prescription maps from MyDataPlant, the exatrek T2 module seamlessly records all relevant machine data. After completing the work, the user can view in the exatrek WebApp a wide range of telemetry data including fuel consumption, the area worked and also the sowing rate. Tracking of vehicle movements also allows efficient tracking for logistics management. 

Combine precise application and documentation

  • Easy exchange of data between the two systems, e.g. field boundaries

  • Exporting application maps from MyDataPlant to the machines with the exatrek T2 module

  • Feedback of data, comparison of target and actual values


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