Application maps for fertilisation

Application of organic or mineral fertilizers with application maps for specific areas.


The fertilizer maps from My Data Plant

With the variable fertiliser application maps from My Data Plant, you can apply your fertilisers in a more site specific, sustainable and precise way. This means that your crop gets what it needs dependent on how well it is growing relative to the rest of the field. Creating variable rate fertiliser maps in My Data Plant also has the benefit of being able to manually edit them yourselves to tailor your zones to your needs.


The advantages of fertiliser maps:

  • Adapt your fertilising strategy to the variable conditions of your field.

  • Fertilize each area within your field in a targeted and demand-oriented way.

  • Benefit from the advantages of more homogeneous crop.

  • Bring in your personal experience into the editing of the fertiliser map.

  • You will be supported in complying with the fertiliser ordinance.


How to create application maps for fertilisation:

Based on the most up-to-date biomass maps of your fields, you can create fertiliser maps for variable rate application in just a few steps via the My Data Plant online portal.

First select the fields to be fertilised and the specific fertiliser, such as NPK or slurry. Now define the number of fertilisation zones. You can choose whether the application maps tell the machine to apply more fertiliser to the less developed crops and less to the better ones or less fertiliser in the poorly developed areas and more in the better developed zones. Once you have decided on a fertiliser strategy, you can contribute your own experience and observations on your fields. If required, you can edit individual areas of the application map in the program and thus assign other fertiliser quantities to the areas. The fertiliser maps created in this way are thus optimally tailored to the needs of the plants in the various zones of your field. Now you can export the fertiliser maps and transfer them to your tractor terminal using a USB stick. The fertiliser maps are compatible with all common terminals. If no terminal is available, you can alternatively transfer the maps to a standard tablet.

With our app "CropNavigator" you can fertilise precisely and according to your needs even with machines that do not have the automated equipment.