No Terminal? No Problem! Use the application maps with our app "CropNavigator"

Using any Tablet and its built in GPS system, you can fertilise your fields more precisely,  without the need for auto guidence and variable rate technology. 

What is the CropNavigator App?  

The app makes it possible to use satellite technology even without auto-steer and variable rate technology. All you need to do is install the CropNavigator app on a tablet or smartphone. Upload the maps created in the online portal and use them using your tablets GPS. 

You can then vary your application rates manualy based on amount of fertiliser or tractor speed which will be shown on the screen. This simple solution brings precsion farming to your fingertips without all the extra bits! 


Using Application Maps and Crop Navigator for fertilisation:

Take the tablet with you into the driver's cab for fertilisation. Via GPS you will receive information about the current position. The app shows the current position of the tractor and the corresponding application rate for that zone. By varying the speed when the app says, you thus regulate the fertiliser application rate.


Using Biomass Maps on the App:

The biomass maps or soil zone maps can be loaded onto the tablet. The GPS feature allows you to locate underperforming  areas in your fields and assess them. Crop walking will never be the same again. Use this information to inform managment decisions and target which parts of the field you should be looking at.