Use application maps with the agricultural app "CropNavigator".

With Tablet and GPS systems, you can cultivate your fields precisely and according to your needs, even with machines that do not have the automated equipment.

The app "Crop Navigator" is used for this purpose:

It is often assumed that digital farming solutions also require modern technology on the farm. With our app "CropNavigator" we refute this assumption. The app makes it possible to use satellite technology even with an older tractor.

First, install the CropNavigator app on a tablet or smartphone. The maps created in the online portal can then be transferred to the device, displayed and used.


The app in connection with the application maps for fertilization:

Take the tablet with you into the driver's cab for fertilisation. Via GPS you will receive information about the current position. The program on the tablet now shows in which soil zone the tractor is and into which it will drive next. By varying the speed in conjunction with the app, you can then regulate the fertiliser application rate.


The app in connection with biomass maps:

The biomass maps or the soil zone map is loaded onto the tablet. The GPS feature allows you to locate conspicuous areas on the maps in your fields for more detailed analysis. This simplifies and optimises the passage to the field.